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History: The Letter that Started CVVA

Cam Van Valuation Associates (“CVVA”) was officially founded in June of 2020, but the Firm’s origins were sowed when Michael sent a letter to Tyler in early 2019 to inquire about ways the two of them could work together.

That one letter led to multiple opportunities for collaboration on numerous projects over the proceeding couple of years. As the professional relationship grew, it was quickly realized that with the passion the two share for math, finance, business valuation, and client service, creating a partnership by which they could join forces and bring these passions together to provide high quality reports, and unparalleled client service was the next logical step.

CVVA, while having a short history, is backed by decades of experience. Michael, who is the president of Van Amburgh Valuation Associates (VAVA, Inc.), has been practicing since 1984, and Tyler, a CPA who works with tax and valuation clients, and been practicing since 2013.